Cold weather can be dangerous for your health, which is why it’s especially important to look after yourself and keep warm over the winter months.

Know where to go

A&E is extra busy this time of year, so if you need medical help but it isn’t an emergency there are other routes you should use.

NHS organisations nationwide are urging people to understand what health service to use if you feel unwell over the winter. This helps to ensure that the thousands of people needing help get the care they need as quickly as possible.

Going to A&E, or calling 999, should be used when someone is severely injured, seriously unwell or with symptoms such as severe breathing difficulties or persistent and heavy bleeding.

You can dial 111 if you urgently need medical help or advice but it's not a life-threatening situation. The service is free to use and is open 24 hours a day and should be used if you think you need to go to A&E, don’t know who to call or if you need health information or reassurance about what to do next.

If your illness is not life threatening and you have been feeling unwell for a while it is likely that you may need to contact your doctor. GP surgeries across Surrey Heath are running a number of additional appointments throughout February and March - please check your individual practice website for further details.  

See a pharmacist

At the first sign of a cough or cold, get immediate advice from a pharmacist before it gets more serious. They’re on hand to help you keep well, offer advice and provide an early diagnosis. 

Get your flu jab

People who are at increased risk from flu are entitled to their free flu vaccination. If you’re over 65, pregnant, have a long term health condition or a learning disability, see your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to get the free flu jab as soon as possible. Protect yourself and the people you care for, those under 3 are also entitled to the vaccination too.

Mental Health Support - Don't suffer in silence 

Safe Havens offer a friendly environment for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis to have an informal chat with a professional without needing to prebook an appointment or phone ahead. Click here for the opening hours of Safe Haven in Aldershot

The Mental Health Crisis Helpline is open 24 hours per day for anyone experiencing a mental health crisis. The helpline can be contacted by ringing 0300 456 83 42 or texting 07717 989024.

Charitable organisation The Samaritans will also be available to talk to during a crisis 24 hours a day throughout the Christmas period. The Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.